Since its launch in August 2020, has established itself as one of the leading specialist information portals for defence
technology and defence policy topics in the German-speaking world.

Soldat & Technik is a German-language online information platform with an international focus on topics related to dismounted soldier operations.
The service is dedicated to infantrymen or dismounted single combat riflemen and their weaponry, equipment, training and employment.

Soldat & Technik provides expert information and news on:

  • Infantry forces of all services including amphibious forces and armoured infantry
  • Special Operation Forces
  • Dismounted reconnaissance, including observation and designation resources
  • Joint Fires
  • Weaponry, including small arms, long guns, portable mortar and anti-tank weapons, ammunition, training
  • Clothing and personal equipment: current and future
  • Optics/optronics and signature management (visual / RF / EMS)
  • Command, control and communication equipment
  • Training, including medical and survival

The online information platform is accompanied by the annual print publication “Wehrtechnische Report „Soldat & Technik“. In this publication Authors from the armed forces, government agencies, industry and the specialist press focus on the topics of the soldier’s individual combat capabilities and their multipliers.