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  • The Sinking of the MOSKVA – an Attempt at an Analysis (Hans Uwe Mergener)
  • Indian Ocean Rivalries: China and India in the Indian Ocean (Peter Layton)
  • Status Report: The Royal Netherlands Navy. A Larger Budget, but the Dutch Navy is facing Difficult Times (Jamie Karremann)
  • The Maritime Capabilities and Modernisation Plans of the Baltic States (Robert Czulda)
  • Knockout Punch: European Heavyweight Torpedoes (Richard Scott)
  • Emerging Trends in Naval Mining Capabilities (Scott Savitz)
  • W(h)ither the Supercarrier? The Debate over the 21st Century Role of Aircraft Carriers (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Emergent Changes in Naval Training and Simulation: Drivers and Implications (William Smallman)
  • Status Report: Naval Programmes in the Black Sea (Conrad Waters)
  • A Turning of the Times. Interview with Torben Schutz, Associate Fellow Security and Defence Program at the German Council on Foreign Relations
  • The Baltic Sea under Different Auspices. Interview with to Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Henning Faltin as the Commander COE CSW who is simultaneously Commander EF 1

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