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Contents of this issue:

Country Focus: France

  • French Defence Policy Overview (David Saw)
  • “To be better equipped and better armed” Interview with Joel Barre, Head of the DGA
  • A Global Player: The French Defence Industrial Base (David Saw)
  • Perspectives on the Future of the French Defence Industry. A Conversation with Emmanuel Levacher, President of Arquus
  • The International Reference for Land and Airland Defence and Security Exhibitions (Charles Beaudouin)

Further Contents:

  • Afghanistan and the Militant Crossroads ( Andreea Stoian Karadeli)
  • Europe and the United States – Strained Alliances and Different Visions (David Saw)
  • Israeli-Turkish Relations: Challenges and Opportunities (Eugene Kogan)
  • Denmark Provides HARPOON Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine (Hans Uwe Mergener)
  • A Self-Reliant India Venturing into UAV Technology (Suman Sharma)
  • China’s Countermeasures and US Theatre Missile Defence (Debalina Ghoshal)
  • Strong and Versatile: 4×4 Armoured Vehicles (Sidney E. Dean)
  • UK 4×4 Armoured Vehicles (Christopher F Foss)
  • Europe Beefs up Artillery Capability (Christopher F Foss)
  • Defence of Vital Points in Today’s Changing Operational Environment (Tim Guest)
  • French Army Acquisition Programmes (David Saw)
  • The Future of War is Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Loitering Munitions (John Antal)
  • SCORPION Update (Christina Mackenzie)
  • CV90 Wins in Slovakia (Martin Smisek)
  • Precision Strike– A Techniology in its Infancy ( C. Menon)
  • Situational Awareness for the Dismounted Warfighter (Tamir Eshel)
  • Franco-German Combat Aircraft Developments (Giulia Tilenni)
  • Preparing the Alliance for Future CBRN Defence. The Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group (Frank Sabath, Paul Weaver-Smith and Joseph Kopcha)
  • Markets and Developments in Vetronics (Tim Guest)
  • Course Correction Fuzes and Modular Charges (Tim Guest)
  • Shells, Bombs, Zeros and Ones (Thomas Withington)
  • How the French Army Prepares for the Battles of Today and Tomorrow (Jean Francois Auran)
  • “We are concerned about Russia’s aggressive actions that violate the sovereignty of independent states” Interview with Lieutenant General Dr. Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi, Hungary’s Chief of Defence
  • Swedish Army to Build-up Four Fully Equipped Brigades (Lars Hoffmann)
  • Combat Support Service of the French Land Forces (Jean Francois Auran)

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