Current Issue: June 2024

Contents of this issue:


  • Protected mobility in a post-GWOT world (Sam Cranny-Evans)
  • 4×4 armoured fighting vehicles: recent developments (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Growing Appetites: 8×8 AFVs (Jim Backhouse)
  • Understanding vehicle armour: a guide to materials and technologies (Sam Cranny-Evans)
  • European artillery options (Jean Auran)
  • The magnificent seven (Shaun Connors)
  • Up close and personal: new technologies for dismounted soldiers (Giles Ebbutt)
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: Deceiving, destroying, and denying ISTAR (Sam Cranny-Evans)
  • Let there be light! (Thomas Withington)
  • The growth of tactical recce-strike (Sam Cranny-Evans)
  • Changing tracks – the future of European MBTs (Jim Backhouse)
  • ATGM market overview (Sidney E. Dean)
  • A brain for battle (Thomas Withington)
  • Rising rotorcraft: military vertical lift developments (David Isby)
  • Countering the hypersonic threat (Doug Richardson)
  • Infauxmation (Thomas Withington)
  • Russian UGV developments influenced by Ukraine War (Samuel Bendett)
  • Thermobaric weapons on the battlefield (David Saw)
  • Delivering effective, programmable airburst for Ukraine (Tim Guest)
  • Replenishing and maintaining ammunition stockpiles (Tim Guest)


  • The most misunderstood weapon in the world:Mythbusting HEAT warheads and their countermeasures (Mark Cazalet)


  • The other side of the hill: Battlefield tactical surveillance (Tim Mahon)
  • The French Army’s SCORPION programme – success in triplicate (David Saw)
  • Leopard 2 – the bridge to MGCS (Gerhard Heiming)
  • CBRN defence in Europe: NATO and EU efforts (Dan Kaszeta)
  • How does big data promise to transform the battlefield?(Andreea Stoian Karadeli)


  • Beyond the battlefield: influencing factors in the Ukraine war (Peter Felstead)
  • Towards a European Army? (Bo Leimand)
  • Trends, innovations, and collaboration in European defence (Andreea Stoian Karadeli)


  • Your Trusted Partner in Innovative Military Protection Solutions (AAE Staff)
  • Interview with Ravinder Singh (ST Engineering)
  • Interview with Aleksandar Lijakovic (Yugoimport)
  • The Will-Burt Company acquires Aluma Tower Company (Will-Burt Staff)

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